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Since 2010, in Poland exists the National Coalition “YES to Development – NO to Opencast Mines”, which associate local communities, local municipalities (where opencast lignite mines are planned to be built), as well as numerous NGOs working with coal issues, for sustainable development, renewable energy and climate protection. The coalition has achieved many successes, such as Serbian nomination to the prestigious award „Charter award for civil bravery – Dragoljub Stosic 2012″ or effective suspention of new opencast mines construction in Gubin-Brody, in Wielkopolska and in other regions in Poland.

In many European countries, like in Poland, the role of coal in the industry is still very significant. However, opencast mines and coal power plants are anachronistic comparing to the EU climate policy and energy transformation promoting energy efficiency, development of renewable energy and reduction of greenhouse gases. Economic benefits of lignite mines are also very doubtful because they do not include external costs such as health, environmental or climatie costs.

The main objective of the project is to recognize the possibility of extending activities of the Nationwide Coalition „YES to Development – NO to Opencast Mines” on the international arena and to form an international coalition. The coalition will based on the cooperation of selected countries, on the exchange of experiences and on joint activities related to opposition to the construction of new and existing opencast lignite mines. The aim of the cooperation is to reduce the dependence on coal in selected countries, to facilitate sustainable development and to protect the climate.


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