Let's close the horse market in Skaryszewo together!

Petition on the closure of the horse market in Skareshew
Petitioner: EKO-UNIA Ecological Association
Addressee: Michał Woś Minister Środowiska
dr n. med. Konstanty Radziwiłł Wojewoda Mazowiecki
dr lek. wet. Bogdan Konopka Główny Lekarz Weterynarii

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Let's close the horse market in Skaryszewo together!

based on art. 63 of the Constitution of Poland and art. 2 of the Act of 11 July 2014 on petitions, acting in the public interest and the defense of animal rights, we, the undersigned, are demanding a permanent ban on the organization of the horse market in Skaryszew.

"Wstępy", i.e. the event that is advertised as the feast of horses in Skaryszew, every year is associated with cruelty and violence against animals, some of which finally end up in the slaughterhouse. The horse market in Skaryszew initiated in the Middle Ages should not take place in a civilized country in the 21st century. It is a shame to cultivate a tradition of animal fear and suffering. We, the undersigned, demand immediate and decisive action to stop the shameful practice lasting over 500 years.

For years, market participants have been documenting and informing the media and the authorities about the bad treatment and condition of animals during transport, unloading, as well as when displaying them at the market. Despite the recent improvement in market conditions and assurances from the city authorities that the event regulations were imposed, once again bad animals health and violence against horses, drunkenness of participants, and sale of horses for slaughter were recorded.

The mayor of the city of Skaryszew has a huge part in the animal tragedy. Although in a letter of 10 February 2020 the mayor assured that "in Skaryszew there is no sending of horses for slaughter, no one tires the animals, does not hurt, no one beats or murders them! We care about the welfare of animals that are brought to us! ", After this year's Wstępy, there were recordings and photos on the Internet showing, quite different than the mayor's depiction, sad and brutal reality of horses.

During the horse market in Skaryszew you could also buy horse products, which clearly indicates the connection of this place with meat processing. The ban on horse trade for the slaughter in Skaryszew should also be associated with the ban on promoting horse meat consumption. This year's horse market should also not take place for other reasons. At the beginning of 2020, the deadly COVID-19 virus began to spread, of which Italy was one of the epicenters. It is from there that many horse dealers come and take them on a distant and tiring journey to slaughter.

Despite the threats to the life and health of animals, as well as residents, not only Skaryszew, but all of Poland, this bestial event was once again organized. In connection with the above, we demand a permanent ban on the organization of the horse market in Skaryszew, because the welfare of animals brought to the market is seriously affected. This does not apply only to horses, because pigeons, rabbits and other animals are also allowed for sale.
The festival of horses should focus on the celebration of animals, and not condemn each year subsequent animals to experience pain and fear for the benefit of several people.


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Petition comments

2020-08-21 11:33:05
Sara - Łódź
2020-08-20 16:43:18
Lucyna - Brno
2020-08-20 11:11:29
Alicja - Kędzierówka
2020-08-14 19:54:58
Renata - Izabelin
Its a shame to keep Skaryszew practice in XXI century. Shame of us people!
2020-08-12 09:36:43
Oliwia - Oborniki Śląskie

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