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Centar Za Zivotnu Sredinu (Center for the Environment), Banja Luka

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Organization Centar Za Životnu Sredinu runs a campaign called “Stop dirty energy – because the future is renewable”. They run this campaign together with the Center for Ecology and Environment from Tuzla and Ekotim from Sarajevo.  The work is done through campaigning (media work, activist stunts), advocacy (eg. writing expert analysis unveiling the downsides and misconceptions related to coal burning electricity production) as well as legal procedures, where the organizations are making sure that all of the relevant processes, such as EIA procedures, are done in a proper manner. If that is not the case, they utilize all legal tools at their disposal. They try to inform the public of the ecological and economic effects of coal mining, as well as of health problems.  They produce materials for the media, lead social media campaigns, make educational videos and organize conferences in order to raise awareness of coal powered energy problems and to promote renewable energy.

Centar Za Zivotnu Sredinu has filed several court cases regarding coal thermal power plants, as well as complaints towards the Energy Community treaty.

The Centar Za Zivotnu Sredinu collaborates with many organizations found in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region, including Bankwatch, which actively draws up various analyses and nationwide reports.

Position on the International Coalition project “Development Yes – Opencast Mines No”:

  • – initially interested in collaborating; however, they need more specific information about the coalition;
  • They consider analysis and reports on potentials of RES and EE an important and needed input in order to show that a change in the energy system is possible, especially those relevant to BiH;
  • – they wish to remain in contact with us and be informed of the project’s progress.
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