What are we doing


Ecological Association EKO-UNIA

Nature and biodiversity protection

For Planet Earth Education Programme

Sustainable development of rural areas

The Baltic Sea Protection

Environmental interventions

Promotion of renewable energy sources and energy conservation

Since 1994, the Ecological Association EKO-UNIA has carried out ecological and social projects based on the rule of sustainable development. We work at local, national and international level.

What actions do we take?

■ We protect biodiversity and conduct active nature conservation.

Projects like: „Green Scythemen”, „Permanent preservation of endangered habitats and butterflies in a Nature 2000 network in south-western Poland”, „Youth Nature Guards”, are aimed at pre­serving endangered ecosystems in Poland. These projects have been realized in environmentally valuable meadows leased out from The State Forests – National Forest Holding and from private owners.

■ We work for sustainable development of rural areas.

We have initiated the cooperation of eight Lower Silesian gminas (administrative districts) in the Partnership Dobra Widawa valley with support from EU Leader Programme. We have realized an international project: „Environmental protection and sustainable development – information campaign for inhabitants of rural areas in Central European Countries”.

■ We propagate the idea of protection of the natural environment of the Baltic Sea

In projects like: „The Baltic Sea is in Poland” and „The Baltic Sea is in Poland. The Baltic Sea is in Europe”, we cooperate with organizations like FISH and OCEAN 2012 by supporting protection of the endangered environment of the Baltic Sea. We take part in The Polish Baltic Sea Fisheries Roundtable sessions. The aim of the debate is to protect the Baltic Sea against the effects of overfishing and to introduce the rule of sustainable fishery in reformed EU Common Fisheries Policy.

■ We help citizens – we conduct environmental interventions

Projects like „Green Guard” – Intervention Office” and „Energy for climate” – we take actions for providing access to information in local communities and giving competent legal advice concerning various investments that th­reaten the natural environment. In this way we support the citizens right to co-decide on localization like opencast mining, wind farms, atomic power stations and coal-fired stations.

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