History of the Association

The Ecological Association EKO-UNIA was established in 1994 in Gliwice. The main activity was to build environmental awareness in Silesia and to organize the annual Summer School of Young Ecologists.

In 2001, after the election of the new authorities of the Association, the headquarters of the EKO-UNIA moved to Wrocław. Since that time, the main area of interest of the Association is: to promote the integration of the Green movement, international cooperation, development of rural areas.

The Association supports and coordinates civil initiatives aimed to implement the constitutional principle of sustainable development by:

– information and educational activities

– searching for systemic, technical and technological solutions to enable the achievement of this objective

– promoting initiatives related to the cooperation with economic operators which are involved in the pro-ecological activities

– taking actions to improve the legal status of environmental protection and to implement the principle of sustainable development

– promoting the development of civil society and tolerance

– promoting the European integration and participation of the Polish society in the European Union

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