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New investments should create jobs and generate income.
Sometimes, though, they form after the cutting down of old trees in our favorite retreat into nature next to our homes or apartments that, up to that point, were an oasis of peace. We feel as though there is something off about this.  A lot of the times we are right. Business, in hundreds of cases, is after your peace, nature and trees. They are after profit and that is why we need to act!

For whom is this designed
“Community in action” is a service for citizens and the community who have problems with investments. Here you will find inspiration, for example, in the fight for our small homeland from the different sides of Poland with different officials and uneducated businessmen. Sometimes we lose and sometimes we have to compromise and sometimes we must move away from certain investments. Learn and write down your experiences.

We are building a democracy! This means that often times nature and our homeland is more important.

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