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Greenpeace and Limity jsme my ( „Limits are us” – a grassroots social movement in the northern Czech Republic)

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Greenpeace Czech Republic has its headquarters in Prague. The international organization has for many years been involved with the subject of coal and climate protection.

Greenpeace runs the Energy [R]evolution campaign, among others, showing that the Czech Republic can rival the most developed countries in the world in terms of energy. Using official statistical data and documents from the Czech government, Greenpeace analyzes the energy potential and shows how the Czech Republic could stop being dependent on fossil fuels in the next few years, transitioning to clean energy.

The organization produced a report, in which they rejected two fundamental myths connected with the energy sector – that the change to renewable energy is technically impossible, and too expensive.  It shows that the development of modern energy is economically viable.

In 2010, Greenpeace also participated in the publication of the collaborative Smart Energy report, prepared by Czech ecological organizations and the renowned Wuppertal Institute. The document describes in detail how the Czech Republic can make the energy transformation in coming decades.

Greenpeace, along with local citizens’ associations and the leaders of threatened cities and villages, has been successfully fighting for nine years against plans to expand lignite mining in the northern Czech Republic. In the regions of Horní Jiřetín, Černice, Litvínov, Karvina and the Beskids, the Limity jsme my (Limits are us) initiative came to life. This initiative aims to prevent the widening of the area where lignite is mined by open-pit mining methods. They want to prevent the destruction of many towns and villages.  They want a future where development is sustainable and based on modern technology and renewable energy sources. Over 70% of the population living in the northern Czech Republic is against the expansion of open-pit mining activities. Limity jsme my want to continue their work in the years ahead, to search for their own funding and partners.

Limity jsme my advocate the following:

  • maintaining mining limits in the northern Czech Republic;
  • changes in the regulations, which would allow an effective defense of the rights of inhabitants and property owners who are threatened by the mining;
  • gradual decrease of mining in the Czech Republic (up to 2050);
  • increase of fees for energy companies mining coal;
  • increase of interest on energy coming from renewable sources.

Position on the International Coalition project “Development Yes – Opencast Mines No”:

  • they are interested in collaborating; they believe the project is a very interesting and necessary initiative;
  • in the northern Czech Republic, there are several activists and people from local governments who could join the coalition’s efforts; the problem, however, is lack of English language skills and large time constraints;
  • working with the European Commission could be an important element of the project;
  • they will keep the coalition in mind while planning their activities for the next year;
  • in the future, we might think of enlarging the coalition’s activities to include the whole world;
  • they wish to remain in contact and be informed of the project’s progress.
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