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Greenpeace Hungary has been in existence for a dozen or so years and their headquarters is in Budapest. The organization is not currently running a campaign focused on lignite.  They are, however, managing projects dealing with nuclear energy and climate protection.

Greenpeace wrote the Energy Revolution script, which describes the idea of sustainable energy supply in Hungary. The Energy Revolution shows how it is possible to maximize the share of renewable sources of energy and, by doing so, decrease the share of fossil fuels to a minimum and nuclear energy to zero.

Our spokesperson thinks the 500 MW power plant and open-pit mine project is unrealistic, even though it is supported by an oligarch. The open-pit mine in the north of Hungary would be opened next to a national park. Greenpeace is focusing its efforts on nuclear energy.

Position on the International Coalition project “Development Yes – Opencast Mines No”:

  • initially, they are interested in collaborating; however, all decisions about international collaboration must be made in the organization’s headquarters by the managerial staff;
  • they wish to remain in contact and be informed of the project’s progress;
  • they sent us an interesting report entitled “How Europe’s biggest polluters became their own regulator”.
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